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EuroDesign relies on the participation of six European partners:

BCD Barcelona Design Centre, Coordinator (Spain)

Barcelona Design Centre (BCD) is a foundation established in 1973 to promote and provide information to businesses on all aspects of design. It was the first centre for promotion of its kind to be established in Spain. Since then, BCD has evolved in line with changes in the economy and society, adapting its philosophy and activities to the specific needs of the time.
BCD promotes the value of design for innovation, as a key element in company differentiation and competitiveness, as well as in sustainability and the improvement of people’s life quality.
BCD has the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, the Barcelona City Council, the Generalitat de Catalunya, and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, all of them members of its Board of Trustees.

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Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is a distinctive business university with world-leading ambitions. With its interdisciplinary and international focus CBS covers a wide range of subjects within the social sciences, behavioral sciences and humanities in its research profile and offers a comprehensive range of university degrees. The school educates future generations of leaders to both private and public challenges.

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designaustria (Austria)

designaustria (DA) is a BEDA Centre of Competence for Design & Business Dialogue and nationally the voice of design in Austria as an interest and promotion organization. The organization lends its voice not only to Austria’s designers, but also to the discipline as such. designaustria directs its public relations work, knowledge transfer initiatives, and events at designers, decision makers, and industries alike; in addition, it seeks to advance design awareness in society as a whole.
The organization, which was founded in 1927 and is located in Vienna’s prominent MuseumsQuartier, has some 1,300 members, designers and their clients (companies) alike.

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SVID Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (Sweden)

Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) works to ensure that design is used in all work on innovation and change. SVID operates in the borderland between business, public services and research where SVID can link together actors, disseminate knowledge and strengthen the potential for development.
SVID places additional focus on a number of areas where SVID feels there is a major need for development. These are national programme areas where regional activities are linked together nationally. In the programmes SVID works to highlight the role of design in development, through running projects, establishing meeting places, emphasising good examples etc.

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Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (Hungary)

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) is the government office responsible for the protection of intellectual property established in 1896 by virtue of Article 23 of Act XXXVII of 1895 on Patents for Inventions.

The Hungarian Design Council (HDC) is a Governmental advisory body established in 2002 that promotes the awareness of design as a powerful tool for progress, and the role of designers in society and industry. The Council facilitates co-operation and interaction among design-related organisations.
The Chairman of the Council is the President of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, Dr. Miklós Bendzsel.

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University of Cambridge / Design Management Group (United Kingdom)

Institute for Manufacturing

The Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) is part of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering. It addresses the key issues facing manufacturing today to help industry and governments create sustainable economic growth. The Design Management Group at the IfM focuses on understanding and improving the ways in which design and new product development are managed.

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